Shared Server Plan

We want to provide service to every single person behind censorship firewall. So we need your help.

Shared Server Plan involves utilizing redundant bandwidth of private VPS for circumvention to offer service for others. With ArkC this could happen because the censoring firewall cannot block your server by IP.

You will add your server to the pool, and configure your server, in transmit mode to connect via MEEK / socks proxy / others.

Then users, who cannot or will not afford a private VPS/VPN/proxy service, can use ArkC with your server.

In this case, users send request to control_domain of, handled by our servers, than forward his request to your server via UDP, in transmit mode. Your server then connects, via GAE or else through our MEEK plugin, to the users and offer immediate help.

We offer reward, in the form of Amazon / iTunes / Google Play gift cards. Meanwhile, your own service won’t be affected in any way.

Shared Server Plan is in internal debugging period, so we are collecting information of interested users. Please use the following link to show your intention and receive our notification email.

Google Form Shared Server Plan Registration

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