Frequently Asked Questions — General

Q:What is Arkc?

A:ArkC allows users to enjoy free web browsing without worrying about censorship measures like IP blacklists. For VPS owners they are better equipped to share their VPS to people around them, or share online using the proxy hosted on their VPS.

Q:How is Arkc different?

A:In brief, the platform employs a connection model that makes blacklisting overly costly and difficult.

Q:Why not shadowsocks?

A:Well Shadowsocks is cool. But, comparing to Arkc, shadowsocks is much easier for the government to blacklist with IP, therefore users can not share their VPS to people around. Blacklisting Arkc is nearly impossible so feel free to share.

Q:Can I use Arkc on my mobile phone?

A:Currently Arkc supports only PC. Contact us if you are interested to create a mobile version!

Q:How is the speed of Arkc?

A:Despite a 5-7% additional bandwidth due to protocol overhead, testing reports stable and ideal downloading speed.

Q:How do I install Arkc with this tar.gz file?

A:Look at our installation guide. Pip is recommended if you have python environment. Otherwise just use binary file.

Q:How do I now if I meet the requirements for using Arkc?

A:Try running the client, if your network does not satisfy any of the following 3 conditions:

1. Connect to public Internet directly.

2. Connect to the Internet via a UPnP-enabled router, in a single-layer LAN.

3. Router(s) on your route to the public Internet are properly configured with NAT to allow your server to connect to your client’s “remote_port” directly.

You will see a message saying “WARNING:root:Mismatched external address, more than one layers of NAT? UPnP may not work.” If so, try configure your router.

Q: What’s the “control_domain”?

A: The client will send a string to one of the dns_server and query for an A record like: XXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXX.XXXXX.”control_domain”. The NS record of the control_domain is set to your VPS so the request will eventually be forwarded to your VPS and the actual IP of the server is hidden as long as the server connects to the client via a proxy / MEEK.

Q: What if I don’t own a domain?

A: If you won’t configure a domain, there is a workaround. Please set the dns_server to your VPS IP and port 53, and fill “whateveritis.com” into control_domain.

Q:I am in a single-layer LAN, how do I enable UPnP?

A:Find your router, there should be a label with an address, username and password on it. Go to that address and login with the username and password. Under the UPnP Settings section, select enable.

Q: What does “WARNING: Mismatched external address, more than one layers of NAT? UPnP may not work.” indicate?

A: You may have more that one layers of NAT (that
of your home router and that imposed by your ISP). We are working actively
to enable TCP punching through multiple layers of NAT ;-).

Q:How do I use Arkc?

A:Arkc starts an http proxy, simply set http proxy to or the port you specified.

Q:Why does my Arkc executable appear to have a virus or spyware?

A:We advise you to install that from source if you have security concerns. You can do a security check any time you wish. Actually anti-virus softwares are not always smart, we ensure that the executables are safe. Feel free to contact us.

Q:How do I see Arkc’s logs?

A:Add -v (or -vv for more detailed loggings) after the command line.

Q:Why does the server side show “Permission denied” after I run the command line?

A:By default, udp port is set to port 53 for compatibility with DNS protocol, thus root privillege is required for ArkC Server to start. If you can’t get the root privillege, you may set the server’s “udp_ port” to some number larger than 1024 and also change the client side’s “remote_port” in config file.

For more questions, please feel free to contact us.