ArkC V0.3.1

In late March ArkC released V0.3.1, as a tested version with GUI support and redesigned protocols.

Since this version, ArkC developers change their focus to developing a GAE-based server end, with the following design:

Client ===== CDN ====== GAE ====== Website

with control order traffic:

Client ===> DNS servers ====> Supporting VPS translate ======> GAE

In this way there should be little dependency on VPS bandwidth for proxy traffic. We see it as an important enhancement since ArkC.

ArkC V0.2.0

On February 11 we released ArkC V0.2.0.post2, on Github and PyPI.

It comes with the following features:

  • Easy deployment with pip
  • Fixed bugs with uploading
  • Enhanced stability
  • Explicit private key sha1 prompt
  • User-friendly error prompt

Access it our download page or just type in:

pip3 install arkcclient

pip install arkcserver

ArkC V0.2 Beta4

After a long term of silence we release ArkC V0.2 Beta4, probably the last before stable version V0.2. Reach it at our download page.


  • Stability with downloading — previous bugs related to HTTPS are fixed
  • No waste connections — counting strategies improved

Aliyun-based SSH tunneling ArkC client & End user client release

We here announce that an end user client based on python is released.

Currently we have an Aliyun based server in China Mainland for users to test it. Please access the server with the above script.

The server listens at, port 22. Login without shell executed using the following credentials:

User = arkc, Private key = (here to download).

In this Aliyun server, the client-side HTTP proxy listens at

(Using openssh client: -L <your port>:

ArkC V0.2 Beta2

Here we have ArkC V0.2 Beta2 at our github repo. While we’re still optimizing user performance for the big release of ArkC V0.2, you may try it right now via the source code page.

We would like to thank you for who had provided suggestions to ArkC.

Please note: now we have a GUI-based ArkC Client and can redirect all the output automatically to the form.

ArkC V0.2 Beta2 includes the following functions:

  • Full support of IPv6
  • Significantly optimized user performance, by connection selection algorithms and bug fixes
  • Client-side with fully compatible GUI

Also, please note: our testing service is updated to this new testing version, since server’s CPU intensity is significantly relieved. Users may need to switch to the latest version of client to enjoy.

ArkC V0.1.2 Released

ArkC V0.1.2 is released with windows executable. Our testing ensured similar stability as existing solutions such as Shadowsocks.

We strongly encourage users to adopt this version for stability and future compatibility issues.

Get the latest client and server through our download page.

ArkC V0.1.1

ArkC V0.1.1, is released on Nov.4 (UTC), 2015. It’s released under GNU GPL2.0.

Access it from our Download and Source Code page.

This release focuses on improving user experience by fixing several mistakes identified in ArkC V0.1.0.

Release Note:

In ArkC V0.1.1, ArkC proxy stability is improved.

This release includes:

  • More elegant process when a connection is interrupted expectedly or unexpectedly.