Development in Project ArkC has suspended for months due to the following reasons:

  • Changes in the political environment in China to suppress the civil society since late 2015 exposed developers to potential personal threats.
  • Moves from major Chinese ISPs (provide end users with Internet service behind NAT) limit the application of the project from the technology aspect.
  • Other personal concerns of team members

The first reason is most important to the suspension of ArkC. Therefore, developers of ArkC usually refer to “Change in Regulatory Environment” as the reason for suspension.

However, similar as the two ways of expression may seem, they are fundamentally different because the regulations should be bound by law. Certainly Not the political environment in China mainland.

A collection of all open-source code of ArkC is available on a new Github repository: projectarkc/collection.

A revision of our mission

As you may know, “帝吧出征” happened in the previous months and utilized VPNs to start unpleasant arguments on Facebook pages. To summarize what they (partly) did, they denied the general freedom of speech, with their freedom of speech gained via their VPNs.

ArkC could be used as one of their tools and become merely a (free and effective) tool to deny the freedom of speech. But this is not what we want to see. Rational beings should be self-contradictory.

As to the incidents itself, we believe we ought to help people understand the reasoning behind “Freedom”, “Freedom of speech” and many else. People should not accept “Freedom” because freedom merely makes them feel good —- such kind of freedom is not universal and cannot be extended to the general public. “Freedom” shall be understood as a theory, a proven concept based on moral and political philosophy.

For us, we believe “Freedom of Speech and Freedom to access information without censorship” is essential for the exchange of thought. We ourselves hold diverse political opinions, as netizens often do, but we share the same belief:

Opinions need to be heard before being judged. People are educated to judge, not to accept judgements.

Apr. 5, 2016

ArkC V0.3.1

In late March ArkC released V0.3.1, as a tested version with GUI support and redesigned protocols.

Since this version, ArkC developers change their focus to developing a GAE-based server end, with the following design:

Client ===== CDN ====== GAE ====== Website

with control order traffic:

Client ===> DNS servers ====> Supporting VPS translate ======> GAE

In this way there should be little dependency on VPS bandwidth for proxy traffic. We see it as an important enhancement since ArkC.

Aliyun-based SSH tunneling ArkC client & End user client release

We here announce that an end user client based on python is released.

Currently we have an Aliyun based server in China Mainland for users to test it. Please access the server with the above script.

The server listens at, port 22. Login without shell executed using the following credentials:

User = arkc, Private key = (here to download).

In this Aliyun server, the client-side HTTP proxy listens at

(Using openssh client: -L <your port>:

Open testing service for everyone to try | 免费开放的测试代理服务

<March 15, 2016> Server will be moved to another domain with different credentials, for public usage rather than testing. Not serving now.

We offer free testing service for ArkC. You can get all the configurations and credentials you need below. But before you start, please consider reading our Quickstart guide, to make sure that ArkC is what you need.


Our control domain is “” and its NS record is set to our server at Bandwagon Host. 请把””设置作为control_domain。这是我们测试服务器所使用的域名。

Deploying ArkC does not need your own domain. On any case you can use our free aid for deployment via this page (Not ready yet). After going through the wizard you shall have CDN and domain records configured ready for you.

您不需要自己的域名,即可以运行ArkC服务。我们在这个页面(Not ready yet)提供了免费部署方案,自动为您配置内容分发网络(CDN)和域名记录,并帮您自动生成您所需要的服务器配置文件。

Credentials: 需要的证书文件:

Public key of the client:

Private key of the client: client

Public key of the server:

Complete JSON config: 一个完整的配置文件:


Orange config items need to be changed to specify its location. Please keep the red ones unchanged. Specify black items as your need.