About Us

Who we are?

Project ArkC is now owned and maintained, directly by ArkC Technology Inc. Though under agreement the original developers of the project are still participating in the development process but they don’t hold personal legal reponsibility with ArkC. Any law issues concerning ArkC should be ruled based on law of the state of New York, USA, where ArkC Technology Inc. is registered.

Declaration of the original developers: We are some students born in China mainland. United as a team, we are determined to promote free information flow without obstruction or bias.


Although we’re a team now spread across the globe, we have our connections with families and friends and wish to live a normal life. However, our project may be misinterpreted to be politically-driven even subversive for China, Iran or DPRK. To stay away from the possible troubles, we keep our identity in real life anonymous and will not disclose the controllers of ArkC Technology Inc. as well. You may still contact us with email. See our contacts.

What is this all about?

We are attempting to provide a creative solution to solve several critical issues in Chinese Internet circumvention technologies. Our work is different from typical VPN or proxy development, which focuses on server list renewal or, for some more advanced ones, concealing proxy connections.

To see a tech summary of our goals, read <other blog posts>.

Our Philosophy

We request you to judge our efforts after reading this post. Thank you.

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