A revision of our mission

As you may know, “帝吧出征” happened in the previous months and utilized VPNs to start unpleasant arguments on Facebook pages. To summarize what they (partly) did, they denied the general freedom of speech, with their freedom of speech gained via their VPNs.

ArkC could be used as one of their tools and become merely a (free and effective) tool to deny the freedom of speech. But this is not what we want to see. Rational beings should be self-contradictory.

As to the incidents itself, we believe we ought to help people understand the reasoning behind “Freedom”, “Freedom of speech” and many else. People should not accept “Freedom” because freedom merely makes them feel good —- such kind of freedom is not universal and cannot be extended to the general public. “Freedom” shall be understood as a theory, a proven concept based on moral and political philosophy.

For us, we believe “Freedom of Speech and Freedom to access information without censorship” is essential for the exchange of thought. We ourselves hold diverse political opinions, as netizens often do, but we share the same belief:

Opinions need to be heard before being judged. People are educated to judge, not to accept judgements.

Apr. 5, 2016