ArkC V0.3.1

In late March ArkC released V0.3.1, as a tested version with GUI support and redesigned protocols.

Since this version, ArkC developers change their focus to developing a GAE-based server end, with the following design:

Client ===== CDN ====== GAE ====== Website

with control order traffic:

Client ===> DNS servers ====> Supporting VPS translate ======> GAE

In this way there should be little dependency on VPS bandwidth for proxy traffic. We see it as an important enhancement since ArkC.

ArkC V0.2.3

A new version V0.2.3 was released several days ago. Performance optimized, CDN support enhanced. Also automatic blacklist is introduced into the server side.

If there is an error saying cannot get time from at client side, please go to arkcclient/pyotp/ and change the string to

We are redesigning our connection selecting algorithm. In the next version there may be limited backward compatibility.