Open testing service for everyone to try | 免费开放的测试代理服务

<March 15, 2016> Server will be moved to another domain with different credentials, for public usage rather than testing. Not serving now.

We offer free testing service for ArkC. You can get all the configurations and credentials you need below. But before you start, please consider reading our Quickstart guide, to make sure that ArkC is what you need.


Our control domain is “” and its NS record is set to our server at Bandwagon Host. 请把””设置作为control_domain。这是我们测试服务器所使用的域名。

Deploying ArkC does not need your own domain. On any case you can use our free aid for deployment via this page (Not ready yet). After going through the wizard you shall have CDN and domain records configured ready for you.

您不需要自己的域名,即可以运行ArkC服务。我们在这个页面(Not ready yet)提供了免费部署方案,自动为您配置内容分发网络(CDN)和域名记录,并帮您自动生成您所需要的服务器配置文件。

Credentials: 需要的证书文件:

Public key of the client:

Private key of the client: client

Public key of the server:

Complete JSON config: 一个完整的配置文件:


Orange config items need to be changed to specify its location. Please keep the red ones unchanged. Specify black items as your need.


ArkC V0.1.2 Released

ArkC V0.1.2 is released with windows executable. Our testing ensured similar stability as existing solutions such as Shadowsocks.

We strongly encourage users to adopt this version for stability and future compatibility issues.

Get the latest client and server through our download page.