Windows executable & Obfuscation

Last week ArkC released a Windows executable for the client-side utility upon user requests. It can be used as a substitute with a full Python developing environment.

Note: It can only work with appropriate settings and server-side support. Should you discover any bugs in it please report it to [email protected] Ddeerreekk is working to create a easier to use toolset for setting and debugging on Windows.

So far we have no intention to provide a server-side utility as we recommend users to run Linux or Unix in their servers, which can be much safer and portable with Tor, Shadowsocks and other tools.


Besides that, we would like to let you know about our obfuscation attempt with Obfs4 by Tor project. We are integrating a ptproxy shell script into with our code so that obfuscation will be a default setting. So far, as we’ve tested, ArkC can work well integrated with Obfs4, though it requires ptproxy to run a portable proxy alone.