Windows executable & Obfuscation

Last week ArkC released a Windows executable for the client-side utility upon user requests. It can be used as a substitute with a full Python developing environment.

Note: It can only work with appropriate settings and server-side support. Should you discover any bugs in it please report it to [email protected] Ddeerreekk is working to create a easier to use toolset for setting and debugging on Windows.

So far we have no intention to provide a server-side utility as we recommend users to run Linux or Unix in their servers, which can be much safer and portable with Tor, Shadowsocks and other tools.


Besides that, we would like to let you know about our obfuscation attempt with Obfs4 by Tor project. We are integrating a ptproxy shell script into with our code so that obfuscation will be a default setting. So far, as we’ve tested, ArkC can work well integrated with Obfs4, though it requires ptproxy to run a portable proxy alone.

DNS function enabled

On Nov.28, ArkC’s dns branch is merged into master branch, after intense debugging and testing efforts.

Now ArkC starts a connection via querying certain DNS records to any local or remote standard DNS servers.

Latest status can be found at our github page.

Our philosophy

Recently there were inquiries about whether we have any political intentions or expectations in making this software. We would like to clarify about it.

We believe everybody should be able to access the information he wants to read as he wishes, without disruption or additional costs other than the standard fees for the ISP. We do not assume which kind of opinions one should bear upon reading this information, but we assume such rights of these readers: they shouldn’t be forced to open BBC Chinese or Falungong or a Chinese gov media page, when they try to attain the information they desire.

The developers in this project interacted with researchers from many different political parties, formal or informal, and received their support. We see this as a normal form of academic interactions in engineering designs, with no political preference.

We encourage, however, any party of any political positions, to popularize our software, if it supports our belief, or if it believes it can help to assuage the influence of its adversities. Yes, it’s better to be neutral and objective than partisan. Thus, the disssemination of our software by any party should not be seen as some connections between its political interest and ours.

ArkC V0.1.1

ArkC V0.1.1, is released on Nov.4 (UTC), 2015. It’s released under GNU GPL2.0.

Access it from our Download and Source Code page.

This release focuses on improving user experience by fixing several mistakes identified in ArkC V0.1.0.

Release Note:

In ArkC V0.1.1, ArkC proxy stability is improved.

This release includes:

  • More elegant process when a connection is interrupted expectedly or unexpectedly.