Testing service

We can provide testing service, free of charge, without explicit bandwidth or speed or time limit, with our ArkC software pack. Proper use required.

You can request a proxy service by sending an email with a 2048-bit RSA public key file to [email protected], and we’ll configure a service dedicated for you with full configuration files, usually in less than 24 hours.

First Stable Release of ArkC — ArkC V0.1.0

The first stable version of Project ArkC, ArkC V0.1.0, is released on Oct. 20 (UTC). It’s released under GNU GPL2.0.

Access it from our Download and Source Code page.

Before this stable release there were several pre-release in the past summer.

Release Note:

In ArkC V0.1.0, a secure, stable and optimized generic proxy, fundamentally proof to the traditional IP-blocking measures from the adversity, is provided.

The proxy features:

  • Pluggable with any proxy service accessible from the server side, which enables the connnection source IP to be flexible and the real server location to be private;
  • Secure with client and server identity authentication with public key and 256-bit AES for contents encryption;
  • Multiplexing with incoming proxy connections for performance as well as maximum performance;
  • Renewing connections continually.